Hard Surfaces – Tile & Grout

Hard Surface Floor Care
Using cutting-edge equipment and products to ensure optimal results, Upper Valley Cleaning cleans and maintains a variety of hard floor surfaces, including vinyl composite tile (VCT), marmoleum, ceramic, and granite. Recognizing that facilities may have very strict state and/or company-regulated VOC compliance protocols, Upper Valley Cleaning also works with you to ensure full compliance.


 VCT Floor Stripping & Waxing
Proper care of VCT is essential in prolonging the life and optimizing the overall appearance of your tile. Correct care protects your tile from surface damage, provides scratch protection, and spill resistance.

All of our preparatory products are of the highest quality. Upper Valley Cleaning follows very strict preparation protocols and also uses only the highest quality wax, yielding a harder, more durable and longer lasting finish.


 Tile & Grout Cleaning
Tile and grout becomes discolored over time from dirt and residue buildup. Therefore, cleaning your tile and grout will make your dingy, dark floor appear bright and vibrant again. Plus, our professional tile and grout cleaning process is the most effective way to remove bacteria and germs, leaving you not only a nicer looking floor, but a cleaner and safer environment.


Most Advanced Equipment
Using our truck-mounted system to tackle all tile and grout projects, Upper Valley Cleaning uses both extremely hot water and pressure for the best in industry-standard results. Upper Valley Cleaning also highly recommends sealing all sanded and non-sanded tile and grout after a cleaning. This creates an effective barrier to impeded future discoloration, keeping your grout and tile looking better longer. Please refer to our pricing section for further details.

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