Nursing Home & Healthcare Facility Cleaning

nursing-homeAt Upper Valley Cleaning our mission is to partner with healthcare professionals to prevent the spread of (HAIs) Healthcare Acquired Infections. We do that by constant improvement in innovation, research, and continual training in advanced cleaning techniques and safety protocols.

Healthcare acquired infections affect two million people annually, yet approximately 70% of HAIs are considered preventable ( if the proper infection control procedures are implemented in your healthcare facility. The goal of our highly trained staff if to maintain a clean environment for patients, visitors and healthcare staff, while addressing the spread of HAIs through stringent cleaning practices.


Our Cleaning Practices for Healthcare Facilities

Aseptic Cleaning differs from typical commercial or residential cleaning. Our staff goes through extensive OSHA training for the proper handling and disposal of blood-borne pathogens and we adhere to all state and federal regulations on best cleaning practices and disposal. We use advanced personal protective equipment (such as masks, gloves and gowns) while cleaning critical care areas where surfaces may be contaminated.

We use EPA-approved hospital grade cleaning and disinfectant solutions on all surfaces to prevent the spreading of contamination.

Our staff has a system of checks and balances to make sure that your healthcare facility is being cleaned properly every time. Our highly trained offsite managers provide weekly site visits to ensure accountability and consistently high quality in cleaning to all staff members.

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