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Professional Window Cleaner

We do windows, inside and out. We even clean screens. Our professional window cleaners have years of experience in cleaning windows in the Upper Valley Region.

When it comes to hiring a window cleaner to come to your home, you want a reputable and insured company you can trust. With the reputation as one of the area’s best, we pride ourselves in showing up on time and getting the job done the way you expect it to be done.

Whether you have a small condo on the golf course, a large estate on the water, or a business that needs window and/or screen cleaning, call now for a free on-site quote and see what Upper Valley Cleaning can do for you!

Upper Valley Cleaning is committed to providing exceptional window cleaning services, while simultaneously being environmentally conscientious. All of our products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Upper Valley Cleaning is a “green” company, providing safer alternatives for the environment and for our customers.

Upper Valley Cleaning uses pure water window cleaning, a new window cleaning technique that involves using a water-fed carbon fiber extension pole to clean the exterior of windows. Better than a squeegee, the water-fed pole uses reverse osmosis and deionized water, which leave no streaks or hard-water spots on the glass. The water-fed pole has a brush at the top to agitate the deionized water. The agitation helps to remove dirt and debris and results in streak- and spot-free clean windows.

Our similar, smaller system for indoor cleaning of both windows and non-porous surfaces has a self-contained water supply and uses microfiber pads to prevent dripping. Clean windows with no mess.

Besides fantastic results, another benefit to pure water window cleaning is safety. The water-fed carbon-fiber pole makes it possible to clean up to five stories high from the ground. This means that high, hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned more easily and safely, saving time and money for both our company and our customers. Our indoor system can reach up to 25 feet high.

Our proprietary screen cleaner is just as advanced. The screens slide through a water-fed vertical slot, which, flushes and brushes both sides of the mesh at the same time. It’s fast, thorough, and easy on the screens.

We offer both residential and commercial window and screen cleaning services throughout the Upper Valley Area. Email today or call us at (603) 448-2834 to ask about pure water window cleaning!

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