Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Schools: Important!

Cleaning and disinfecting is should be part of a broad approach to preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses in your school. To help slow the spread of the flu and other illnesses one of the first lines of defense is to get vaccinated each year. Other great measures of staying healthy and preventing the […]

Prepare Your Home For Spring!

Spring is right around the corner. Even though today the weather outside is a cool crisp 15 degrees. Spring is still around the corner and for most homeowners, it is an exciting time to get your home ready. During the winter months the windows get dirty, dust builds up, carpets get filled with dirt, salt […]

Five Money Leaks to Plug in Commercial Janitorial Service

Business pundits keep telling us that the economy is getting stronger. For some businesses that’s certainly true, but even so, it’s no excuse to let money trickle away when simple changes can stop a few leaks in your Commerical Janitorial Services. These five tips can add up to very reasonable savings. 1.  Shut off the […]

Benefits Of Maintaining A Clean School Environment

Imagine sending your kids to school where dirty floors, missing restroom supplies were just a few of the issues. How about roaches? It’s hard to imagine this type of scenario happening in a school today, but it does happen. It may not happen in our immediate area, but in many schools throughout the United States […]

Why Poor Medical Facility Cleaning Is So Dangerous

Of all the working environments, hospitals, nursing homes and living assisted facilities are at the top of the list. These facilities demand the highest standard of clean and must be maintained to ensure the health of patients, doctors, nurses and workers. All of these variables in make it significantly more challenging for the facility manager […]

Ice Melt Do’s and Dont’s For Facility Managers

Ice melt products should be in full use in your entryways in your facility during the winter months. It can be challenging cleaning up tracked-in dirt, snow, salt and water. Winter weather is exceptionally challenging because of the many winter hazards that can result in slips and falls. Ice melt products can help you as […]

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Upper Valley Cleaning Services: DYI Cleaning vs Hiring a Professional

When business people, as well as residential dwellers, think of hiring out their cleaning tasks, usually they have two main choices: Do it all yourself, or hire a professional.I should mention that there’s somewhat of a third avenue: Hiring a non-professional who’s a subcontractor. It’s not hard to enter the cleaning business. Many think all […]

Cleaning Tips & Strategies For Businesses & Homes Why a Commercial Janitorial Services Company Must Sanitize Your Office

There are many reasons you may be looking to hire commercial janitorial services. What you may not be aware of is the many benefits your business can receive when you hire a commercial janitorial services company. A commercial janitorial services company can keep your office clean and sanitized, providing a healthy environment for both your employees and […]

When Your Bathroom Smells Bad!

The bathroom in your office in the Upper Valley Region is part of your reputation in the area. The culprit to your stinky bathroom at the office just might be your cleaning company. Should you just put an air freshener in there to cover it up? No, masking the odor in your bathroom is never […]

Which Should I Hire: A Cleaning Specialist or a Generalist?

Keeping a facility clean is not easy. Everything from your hard-surface floors, carpets, upholstery, bathrooms, waiting rooms, and windows will get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly.  With so much cleaning to do in your facility daily, weekly, and monthly, it often takes several people to do the job effectively. The question is, as […]

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