Get Your Home Ready For The Upper Valley Winter

September 14, 2018

Getting ready for summer weather in the Upper Valley is as simple as getting your t-shirt and swim trunks out and heading to the lake. […]

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What Not To Use The Magic Eraser On In Your Home

September 12, 2018

Everyone has heard of the magic eraser for cleaning by Mr. Clean. They are amazing little foam pads that clean almost anything off a surface. […]

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4 Residential Cleaning Tips: Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

September 2, 2018

As a pet owner, your carpets can get dirty quickly and easily. Let’s face it; we love our pets. When you are a pet owner, […]

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Pet Owners Make

August 24, 2018

What do you do when you have cats or dogs in your home and you have nice carpets? One of the biggest challenges of having […]

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Professional Time Saving Tips From An Upper Valley House Cleaner

August 10, 2018

You can clean faster and more efficiently with just a few clever strategies each day and make managing your home a little easier. Here are […]

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5 Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked

July 28, 2018

There is a lot of great information about carpet cleaning in books and online today. However, some of the information you find can cause more […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Window Cleaner

July 15, 2018

There are various benefits of having clean windows around your home or office. The most obvious one is that they will be clean and clear […]

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The Best Tips For Killing Bed Bugs In Your House

June 29, 2018

Two of the most popular methods for getting rid of bed bugs is with chemicals and heat. These two methods can be very effective in […]

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Can Bacteria Infect Me In A Public Restroom?

June 15, 2018

We have all been there, out in public and you have to go to the bathroom. You’re frantically hunting for a public restroom that isn’t […]

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The 6 Benefits of Using A Carpet Protector

June 12, 2018

Because replacing carpeting in your office or home will be expensive, it is important for you to maintain your carpet and protect it as much […]

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7 Keys to Hiring an Upper Valley Commercial Cleaning Company

May 25, 2018

Shopping for an Upper Valley commercial cleaning company is not hard, if you’re armed with some key tools on how to choose the best cleaning […]

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6 Simple Ways To Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

May 19, 2018

When you think of indoor air pollution, you most likely think of pollution outdoors like smog, car engines, etc.. During the summer months we don’t […]

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Top 5 Most Germ-Infested Places in Nursing and Rehab Facilities

May 4, 2018

During a recent flu season, an estimated 147.8 million doses of vaccine were administered in the United States. U.S. citizens are urged more than ever to wash […]

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UVC – Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning Oriental Rugs

April 20, 2018

Area and oriental rugs are a beautiful addition to any home or business office. They contribute to the overall character of the room making it […]

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5 Benefits of Hiring Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning Services For Your Home, PT 2

March 29, 2018

In the last article we talked about the benefits of hiring an Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning service. This week we are going to cover five […]

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5 Benefits of Hiring Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning Services For Your Home

March 15, 2018

Do you remember the carpet cleaning machines that the grocery stores used to rent? Have you ever cleaned your carpets? Did all the stains come […]

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Carpet Cleaning Common Questions Answered

March 10, 2018

Let’s face it; carpet cleaning is one of the last things on our mind until we spill something or the dirt path from the door […]

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February 22, 2018

How you equip your restroom in your business can affect your employees and customers. A poor restroom atmosphere can create poor employee morale and turn […]

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couch cleaning hanover

Help, I Have Coffee Stain In My Carpet!

February 15, 2018

Coffee spills happen, and they are one of the most uncomfortable things that can happen to someone. There never is a convenient time for a […]

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SIX Ways To Tell If Your House Cleaner is Delivering Good Service

February 9, 2018

Are you thinking about hiring a house cleaner in the Upper Valley area? Perhaps you have asked your neighbors or co-workers which company is good to […]

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Four Etiquette Tips For When You Are Sick At Work

January 10, 2018

No one wants to be sick at any time in the year. Being considerate of others when you are sick is important. The first step […]

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commercial upholstery cleaning white river junction

Beginner’s Guide To Identifying Oriental Rugs

January 5, 2018

Do you have an oriental rug in your house? Do you know how to identify an authentic oriental rug? It is not a simple task […]

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Upper Valley Medical Office Cleaning: 3 Details To Consider

December 22, 2017

When you choose an Upper Valley Medical Office Cleaning company to clean your facility, make sure they provide clear communication with you and your staff. […]

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Upper Valley School Cleaning Avoids Pesky Germs

December 6, 2017

Dirty schools may be to blame the next time your child comes home with a stomach ace or fever. Between poor cleaning practices and germ-infested […]

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Four Residential Cleaning Services Tips for Flu-Proofing your home

November 24, 2017

We all dread it each year; eventually, it happens; one of the family members gets the flu and then everyone is exposed to it. You […]

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Upper Valley Residential Cleaning Tips to Reduce In-Home Allergens

November 10, 2017

Are you an allergy suffer? Indoor allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, mold, dust, and pollen trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in millions of […]

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commercial carpet cleaning lebanon

Keeping Fall Allergies Out of Your Home

November 5, 2017

Fall brings all kinds of colors to New England each year. With the onset of the changing seasons comes many allergy symptoms for millions of […]

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The Ultimate Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning Guide

October 28, 2017

As an Upper Valley Cleaning company, we have seen thousands of carpets over the years. Cleaning carpets for a living teaches you quickly about the […]

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Commercial Cleaning Services and the Ugly Truth about your Bathroom

October 27, 2017

The bathroom is the one part of every single business that is the least considered but the most often visited part of any business. So, […]

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Renting Home Carpet Cleaner Could Cause You More Problems

September 22, 2017

Have you thought about cleaning your carpets? Many will go out and rent a DIY carpet cleaner, but DIY carpet cleaning systems can’t match the […]

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How Do You Deal With Flood Damage For Uninsured Losses

September 8, 2017

Unfortunately, flooding does happen around this region and throughout the world. We witnessed this year massive flooding throughout Houston, Texas and then a massive hurricane […]

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Smelly Offices: Ewww, What’s That Stench

August 18, 2017

How does your office smell? It may sound like a silly question, but a Smelly Office can offend a potential customer and annoy your employees. […]

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Lebanon, NH, Commercial Carpet Cleaning: 5 Tips for your business.

August 4, 2017

Maintaining a clean workplace environment can put your business in the best light for your customers as well as keep your employees healthy. Unfortunately, most […]

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The Battle for a Clean Restroom: Professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips

June 23, 2017

In a business environment, it’s not cool to talk about sensitive topics – like dirty bathrooms. Right? Not really. Because if you carefully listen to […]

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The Best House Cleaning Trick For Your Ceiling Fan

June 21, 2017

As I lay there staring at the ceiling fan and the thought of dust bunnies, fear of heights and flying dirt around my room, the […]

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Five Habits of Highly Effective House Cleaners In The Upper Valley

June 9, 2017

Have you ever heard the cliche ” practice makes perfect?” It may be a cliche, but there is a lot of truth in that cliche. […]

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The Summertime Commercial Carpet Cleaning Survival Guide

June 7, 2017

It’s finally summer! This year in New England we have had warm days and cool nights for sleeping. This is almost the perfect conditions for […]

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Protecting Your Employees Health Through Commercial Cleaning

April 29, 2017

One of the top priorities of any business owner should be the health of their establishment. With healthy employees, productivity and morale will stay high […]

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Five Tips For Kid Proofing Your Cleaning Supplies In The Laundry Room

April 22, 2017

The laundry room is not used as much as the bathroom, but the cleaning supplies used in there are just as dangerous when little kids […]

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What to Ask Before Hiring an Upper Valley Cleaning Services Company

April 7, 2017

Quality, value, and performance are the key attributes that a certified Upper Valley cleaning services company should offer to its clients. However, with the proliferation […]

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Six Pricey Deceptions of Commercial Janitorial Services Providers

March 23, 2017

Deception #1: The Commerical Janitorial Services Provider with the Lowest Price is The One I Should Hire. Often times, the price you are quoted may […]

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How Often Should You Clean You Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

March 9, 2017

If you’re like me in our home, you don’t clean your kitchen cabinets very often. When was the last time you took everything out of […]

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8 Ways To Make Your House guests Feel At Home

February 16, 2017

Depending on what time of year it is and where in the country you live, you may find yourself hosting houseguests often. I don’t live […]

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Commercial-Janitorial Cleaning Costs & Trends For 2017

February 2, 2017

Sitting here in my office at our janitorial cleaning company, I can see at least a dozen things that need regular cleaning. Windows, cubicles, carpets, trash […]

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Keep Your Furniture Looking great with Upholstery Cleaning Services

January 29, 2017

While having your building’s common areas, public and private bathrooms, and staff break rooms cleaned on a regular basis should be a standard element on your professional […]

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SSHH, 4 Secrets about Upper Valley Janitorial Service you didn’t know.

January 18, 2017

All cleaning companies are the same, right? Well, not quite. Salesmen try to convince companies that they have the best Upper Valley Janitorial Service on […]

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Hard Floor Maintenance During The Winter Months

January 11, 2017

Every season in the Upper Valley has its own unique characteristics that damage your floors. During the winter rocks, salt, ice melt, sand and slush […]

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7 Ways To Stay Healthy And Clean In The Upper Valley Workplace

December 24, 2016

Let’s face it; winter is here and with it comes cold and flu season. At some point, this winter cold or flu just may catch […]

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December 16, 2016

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is just around the corner. With the gathering of people comes holiday food galore. Most likely you will be hosting […]

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Offensive Pet Odors, Guard Your Carpets Before They Stink

November 28, 2016

Winter is here in Vermont and New Hampshire and with it come the many challenges of winter odors, mud, snow, salt, and sand. Pet odors […]

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