Carpet Cleaning Common Questions Answered

Let’s face it; carpet cleaning is one of the last things on our mind until we spill something or the dirt path from the door to the living room is so prominent that we can’t ignore it anymore. It’s not the most exciting topic, but as a business owner or homeowner, carpet cleaning is an essential part of cleaning your home.

1. Why should I clean my carpets on a regular basis?
Carpet cleaning is one of those things that we all put off until we have to take care of it. It may seem like a big chore compared to other chores we have daily, but regular cleaning of your carpets is an important task. Regular cleaning will extend the life of your carpets and maintain the over look and warranty. Carpet cleaning is an essential element in maintaining hygiene levels in your home or business. Regular carpet cleaning also helps to reduce allergens like dust mites that love to live in your carpets and furniture.


2. Should I hire a professional company or do the carpet cleaning myself?
Many people decide to tackle carpet cleaning on their own thinking they can save some money and get the same results as a professional cleaning company. However, purchasing a professional carpet cleaning machine is very expensive and the store (rental) carpet cleaners don’t maintain the same quality as a professional cleaner. If you don’t know what you are doing when you rent a carpet cleaner, you can damage your carpets, because you use the wrong chemicals or leave to much water on your carpets.
Many carpet cleaning jobs are best tackled by a professional company. They will be able to assess the type of carpeting you have and recommend the appropriate kind of cleaning solution and cleaning practice for optimal results.


3. How often should I clean my carpets?
The answer to this question is: It varies. Many cleaning companies will put you on a schedule of 2-4 times per year. Even this changes, because of the type of foot traffic, the type of carpeting, the average amount of traffic per day and which areas in your building are the busiest? In a home, it is typically the front door, but in a business, there could be several high traffic areas that will need cleaning more often than low traffic areas.

This is where a professional carpet cleaning company in the Upper Valley can help you devise a cleaning plan to maintain your carpets on an annual basis and take the guesswork out of cleaning.