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Upper Valley Cleaning Services: DYI Cleaning vs Hiring a Professional

When business people, as well as residential dwellers, think of hiring out their cleaning tasks, usually they have two main choices: Do it all yourself, or hire a professional.I should mention that there’s somewhat of a third avenue: Hiring a non-professional who’s a subcontractor. It’s not hard to enter the cleaning business. Many think all […]

Which Should I Hire: A Cleaning Specialist or a Generalist?

Keeping a facility clean is not easy. Everything from your hard-surface floors, carpets, upholstery, bathrooms, waiting rooms, and windows will get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly.  With so much cleaning to do in your facility daily, weekly, and monthly, it often takes several people to do the job effectively. The question is, as […]

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Maintaining Natural Fiber Rugs

More people are choosing natural fiber carpeting for their homes for many reasons: warmth, neutral color palette, excellent durability, and the eco-friendly manufacturing process.   However, unlike traditional carpets, the natural fiber equivalents are super sensitive to moisture; they absorb all liquids readily. Therefore, they cannot then be deep cleaned using traditional extraction methods. As an […]

4 Residential Cleaning Tips: Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

As a pet owner, your carpets can get dirty quickly and easily. Let’s face it; we love our pets. When you are a pet owner, they are not just a pet to you. They are part of your family. Our dog is part of the family for our kids. Along with adding a cat or […]

5 Benefits of Hiring Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning Services For Your Home, PT 2

In the last article we talked about the benefits of hiring an Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning service. This week we are going to cover five more points about hiring a professional cleaner versus doing it yourself. The carpets in your home or office are an important factor in presentation, quality of air and overall value […]

5 Benefits of Hiring Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning Services For Your Home

Do you remember the carpet cleaning machines that the grocery stores used to rent? Have you ever cleaned your carpets? Did all the stains come out? It truly can be very difficult and painful to clean your carpets, because those machines can’t do as good a job as a professional cleaner. What are the real […]

The Upper Valley House Cleaning Mistake That’ll Wreck Your Carpet

What is the first thing you do when you see the picture above? This is a tricky stain. Do you go straight for the carpet spray or paper towels and start scrubbing? Do you overspray the carpet with that spray hoping it won’t set in? If you have done any of these things, please STOP […]

The Ultimate Upper Valley Carpet Cleaning Guide

As an Upper Valley Cleaning company, we have seen thousands of carpets over the years. Cleaning carpets for a living teaches you quickly about the different types of carpeting in businesses and homes. There are hundreds of styles, colors, and options in carpeting today. If you have ever bought carpeting for your home or business, […]

Renting Home Carpet Cleaner Could Cause You More Problems

Have you thought about cleaning your carpets? Many will go out and rent a DIY carpet cleaner, but DIY carpet cleaning systems can’t match the performance and quality of cleaning that a professional system provides. Here some of the top reason why you should hire a Carpet Cleaner and not rent a DIY system. You can’t clean […]

The Summertime Commercial Carpet Cleaning Survival Guide

It’s finally summer! This year in New England we have had warm days and cool nights for sleeping. This is almost the perfect conditions for an awesome summer. This is the time of the year that all of us break out the sunblock and lather up to protect ourselves from UV rays and of course […]