Which Should I Hire: A Cleaning Specialist or a Generalist?

Keeping a facility clean is not easy. Everything from your hard-surface floors, carpets, upholstery, bathrooms, waiting rooms, and windows will get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly.  With so much cleaning to do in your facility daily, weekly, and monthly, it often takes several people to do the job effectively. The question is, as […]

Creating a clean and healthy business environment

Did you know that a clean, well kept business increases the chances of having happy customers and productive staff members? Not only that, but it creates a positive image of your White River Junction facility. Let’s be real here – no one wants to shop or work in an environment with dirty floors, overflowing garbage […]

Upper Valley Cleaning Services: Residential vs Commercial

If you need help cleaning and maintaining the buildings in your facility in the Upper Valley, make sure that you are shopping around for the right services. A residential cleaning company won’t be the right fit for your commercial needs. You may be surprised to learn that there are many meaningful differences between residential and […]

The Best Tips For Killing Bed Bugs In Your House

Two of the most popular methods for getting rid of bed bugs is with chemicals and heat. These two methods can be very effective in killing bed bugs. The first thing to do before you go through an eradication protocol of killing bed bugs is to identify that you have bed bugs. Here’s a quick guide. […]

Can Bacteria Infect Me In A Public Restroom?

We have all been there, out in public and you have to go to the bathroom. You’re frantically hunting for a public restroom that isn’t covered in stains from the previous user. This can be stressful to some people as they are fearful of contracting a germ from an unsanitary bathroom.   Bacteria isn’t something […]

7 Keys to Hiring an Upper Valley Commercial Cleaning Company

Shopping for an Upper Valley commercial cleaning company is not hard, if you’re armed with some key tools on how to choose the best cleaning company for your business. Here are 7 essential keys to hiring that will give you peace of mind and get the job done. Key 1) Your Connection with the Company […]

Top 5 Most Germ-Infested Places in Nursing and Rehab Facilities

During a recent flu season, an estimated 147.8 million doses of vaccine were administered in the United States. U.S. citizens are urged more than ever to wash their hands on a regular basis. This recent flu season proved to cause a significant burden in older people and caused a higher hospitalization rate than ever before in people 65 […]


How you equip your restroom in your business can affect your employees and customers. A poor restroom atmosphere can create poor employee morale and turn customers away from your business. When you don’t address the restroom on a regular basis, you will in time attract flies, rodents, and cockroaches. Don’t let the restroom turn away […]

SIX Ways To Tell If Your House Cleaner is Delivering Good Service

Are you thinking about hiring a house cleaner in the Upper Valley area? Perhaps you have asked your neighbors or co-workers which company is good to hire? Hiring a good cleaning company is a big first step if you have never had someone clean your home for you. If you are afraid of getting bad service […]

The Upper Valley House Cleaning Mistake That’ll Wreck Your Carpet

What is the first thing you do when you see the picture above? This is a tricky stain. Do you go straight for the carpet spray or paper towels and start scrubbing? Do you overspray the carpet with that spray hoping it won’t set in? If you have done any of these things, please STOP […]

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