Top 5 Most Germ-Infested Places in Nursing and Rehab Facilities

During a recent flu season, an estimated 147.8 million doses of vaccine were administered in the United States. U.S. citizens are urged more than ever to wash their hands on a regular basis. This recent flu season proved to cause a significant burden in older people and caused a higher hospitalization rate than ever before in people 65 […]

What to Pay Attention to As You Browse Skilled Nursing Facilities

When you’re looking for a skilled nursing facility for a loved one, the criteria on which you base your decision will likely focus on meeting the resident’s physical needs. However, in order to promote a successful transition from life now, to living-and thriving-in a nursing home environment, you should look at several key aspects of the skilled […]

Residential Cleaning Services Helps Seniors Stay at Home Longer

Many challenges come with getting older in life. One of those challenges that many seniors face is keeping the home that they have had for decades clean and safe for them to live in. Many time seniors consider moving into a living assisted home because the are overwhelmed and feel that they can adequately take […]

Nursing Facility Cleaning Strategies Provide a Better Quality of Life

Having a good nursing facility cleaning strategy is vital to the well-being and health of your nurses, staff and patients. It is estimated that over one million infections and over ninety thousand deaths occur each year because of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). When your facility is professionally cleaned and maintained it will reduce the chances of transmission […]

Who’s Responsible? Elder Care Nursing Home Cleaning Services

What to think about. When family members must choose a nursing home to help with the care and safety of their loved one, there are many factors that contribute to that decision.  While the location, the monthly fee, the professional staffing, and the planned activities are all important components, the overall cleanliness of the nursing […]

5 Tips to Save Money on Skilled Nursing Facility Cleaning Costs

Owning or managing a skilled nursing facility is a huge responsibility that demands many skills and expertise ~ one of which is being able to create and sustain a viable and effective budget. From staffing and  training to inventory, marketing, and resident activities, each component of your budget is equally important to the overall success of your […]