Cleaning Tips & Strategies For Businesses & Homes Why a Commercial Janitorial Services Company Must Sanitize Your Office

There are many reasons you may be looking to hire commercial janitorial services. What you may not be aware of is the many benefits your business can receive when you hire a commercial janitorial services company. A commercial janitorial services company can keep your office clean and sanitized, providing a healthy environment for both your employees and […]

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Spring Cleaning In White River Junction

The first sign of spring is always a very hopeful and exciting occasion… until you remember that spring brings. (what seems like), the never-ending process of spring cleaning. It’s time to clean that “stuffy inside” smell that your house lets off after a long winter. Open your windows! Who knows, it may help circulate the […]

Upper Valley Cleaning Services: Residential vs Commercial

If you need help cleaning and maintaining the buildings in your facility in the Upper Valley, make sure that you are shopping around for the right services. A residential cleaning company won’t be the right fit for your commercial needs. You may be surprised to learn that there are many meaningful differences between residential and […]

Four Things You Need To Know About Hand-Washing Your Dishes

If you don’t have the luxury of using a dishwashing machine, then this article is for you. One of the challenges of not having a dishwasher is dishes tend to pile up on the counter. Even the best of home organizers can get frustrated by the second day of dishes looming in the kitchen. Here […]

What Not To Use The Magic Eraser On In Your Home

Everyone has heard of the magic eraser for cleaning by Mr. Clean. They are amazing little foam pads that clean almost anything off a surface. They are also known as (melamine foam) can people use them to clean everything from shoes to countertops. They are designed to be used on hard to clean surfaces. There […]

4 Residential Cleaning Tips: Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

As a pet owner, your carpets can get dirty quickly and easily. Let’s face it; we love our pets. When you are a pet owner, they are not just a pet to you. They are part of your family. Our dog is part of the family for our kids. Along with adding a cat or […]

Professional Time Saving Tips From An Upper Valley House Cleaner

You can clean faster and more efficiently with just a few clever strategies each day and make managing your home a little easier. Here are several helpful tips to get you started.   Change The Soap Change the soap in your shower and at the bathroom sink with a glycerin or vegetable oil based soap. […]

The Best Tips For Killing Bed Bugs In Your House

Two of the most popular methods for getting rid of bed bugs is with chemicals and heat. These two methods can be very effective in killing bed bugs. The first thing to do before you go through an eradication protocol of killing bed bugs is to identify that you have bed bugs. Here’s a quick guide. […]

Four Etiquette Tips For When You Are Sick At Work

No one wants to be sick at any time in the year. Being considerate of others when you are sick is important. The first step is being aware of people around you not to spread the germs to your coworkers. Some of your coworkers may sympathize with you and cut you some slack, but others […]

Upper Valley School Cleaning Avoids Pesky Germs

Dirty schools may be to blame the next time your child comes home with a stomach ace or fever. Between poor cleaning practices and germ-infested surfaces each day, it’s no wonder that schools are a breeding ground for the cold and flu. Upper Valley School Cleaning services that sanitize and disinfect surfaces may be the answer. […]