Carpet Cleaning FAQS

We clean carpets in both residences and businesses.

Ideally, carpets should be professionally cleaned at least twice per year to remove germs, bacteria, dirt, and stains. For individuals with respiratory sensitivity or allergies, more frequent cleanings are recommended.

Two rooms take about 1 hour from arrival to departure. Cleaning times can be reduced as more rooms/areas are added to the service.

Very little needs to be done prior to your appointment. To assure a clean and open workspace for us upon arrival, we ask that all breakable items be removed from furniture you would like to be moved, This includes but is not limited to the following: picture frames, lamps, decorative items and plants.

We will move your furniture for you absolutely free of charge. When moving your furniture, we simply move the items off their original space, and clean the carpeted areas underneath. Once your furniture is back in its original spot, we use protective coasters under wood and metal objects to protect the feet from moisture and also protect the carpet from furniture stains and rust marks.

Unfortunately not. However, our staff has considerable experience, which allows us to exhaust every possible solution.

We use urine/odor specific chemicals which destroy odor-causing protein and /or bacteria that are the source of urine odor. When we combine this with our extraction cleaning system we are able to clean the carpet to be odor/residue free.

It’s highly recommended by 3M that ScotchGuard™ be applied at each cleaning to enhance your maintenance cleaning and extend the life of your carpet and upholstery.

Typical drying times range from 6-8 hours for carpets and 3-4 hours for upholstery, depending on air circulation.

No. Using recycled water is unsanitary. We have a fresh water system that continuously brings new water to the heating chambers of our unit to be made into steam. Meanwhile the dirty water is removed through the vacuum hose and filtered to be drained.

Hot water extraction is the process by which a hot water cleaning solution, under high pressure, is forced into the carpet and then sucked out. This method is sometimes referred to as “steam cleaning” even though steam is not used. There are two types of hot water extraction; portable or truck mounted. Not surprisingly, the truck mounted extraction cleans much better, because it heats the water to over 200 degrees and shoots the cleaning solution at around 400lbs of pressure which breaks up dirt and kills bacteria and germs. Next the machine uses a high-powered vacuum system to suck the dirt out of the carpet. The carpet is sanitized due to the high water temperature. Only truck mounted carpet cleaning can accomplish this.

IICRC certification is the industry’s highest level of training and certification that a carpet cleaning technician can receive. It is extremely important for it prepares our technicians to deal effectively dealing with virtually any situation they will encounter in the real world.

An Upper Valley Cleaning representative will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us at: (603) 448-2834 or e-mail us at: