Residential Cleaning FAQS

Residential Cleaning Services FAQS

How many people will clean my home?
Typically we send teams of 2.
How do you access my home?
You can provide a key, be home when we arrive, give us a code to the garage, or we can get a passcode for a digital numeric lock, if applicable.
Is the initial cleaning or a one-time cleaning more expensive than a regular cleaning?
Yes, typically a one-time or first-time cleaning will be more expensive. The difference in cost will be determined by the length of time it takes to initially clean compared to a regularly cleaned space.
What should I tip?
We always encourage you to show your appreciation if you’re happy with the work done in your home. It’s never a requirement, but a gratuity is a powerful way to say thanks.
What if my scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday?
If your cleaning falls on a holiday Upper Valley Cleaning observes, we will contact you prior to your cleaning and reschedule for a day that suits you.
What should I do with my pets during the cleaning?
If you have pets, we ask that you prevent them from entering the areas that we clean. For sanitary and safety reasons our teams are not permitted to clean flea infested homes or pick up animal excrement.
What about laundry?
In certain instances we will be asked to put laundry in the washer and if we are at the residence long enough to transfer it to the dryer.
Do you supply your own cleaning products?
We supply all environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment to complete the job.
Will you come on the same day and at the same time for each clean?
While we can commit to a specific day, there are many factors throughout the day that may affect our actual arrival time. We will try to keep your time as consistent as possible.
Is it okay to leave a note for the cleaning people?
It is always a good idea to communicate whether you have concerns with the service or if you are very pleased with the service.
What if I forget it is my cleaning day?
We charge an inconvenience fee of $50 for appointments missed that are not canceled in advance.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes we do. Please click here to purchase.
How soon can I take cleaning off my chore list?
Call 1-603-448-2834 to set up a free, no-obligation in home consultation and then schedule your house cleaning.
What do you do when we go on vacation?
We just skip your cleaning and catch up on the next cycle.
Didn’t see your question?
An Upper Valley Cleaning representative will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us at: (603) 448-2834 or e-mail us at: