Enjoying A Clean Home

house cleaning white river junction, professional house cleaning white river junctionThe Department of Labor keeps track of what we do with our time. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data from the American Time Use Survey, we spend a lot of it keeping our homes running well. On average it’s 1.78 hours every day.

Per day, men spend 10 minutes and women spend 29 minutes specifically on “interior cleaning.”  On an average day, 22 percent of men reported doing housework—such as cleaning or doing laundry—along with 50 percent of women.  

According to a May 2019 articles in Forbes, while women are more educated and more employed than ever, they are still taking on most of the household and familial duties.  In this modern world, everyone is struggling to balance work and home life. 

How Professionals Can Help

When you contract with a professional cleaning service in White River Junction, you can maximize your available time and your skills. You can focus on what you are good at– if you always do the dishes, but have stacks of junk on the counters, let a professional cleaning team help you organize. If your closet is picture perfect, but the toilet is dirty, have a cleaning crew focus on cleaning and sanitizing. If you hate doing laundry so much that you just buy more clothes, outsource your least favorite chore.

Professional cleaning services also have extensively trained cleaners who know exactly what they are doing, armed with high-ended tools. They carry special cleaning solutions with high powered vacuums that you just are not going to find in stores.. They have an organized plan, they never cut-out corners, and they focus on locations that you often miss.

A professional cleaning company will also have the manpower (or woman power) available to fit your needs. Handpicked, vetted, and trained cleaners will be reliable and efficient. Even the team at the office that helps you schedule your appointment and decide which services will benefit you will have excellent customer service skills and procedures. 

An unexpected benefit of hiring a cleaning team is that you might enjoy the kitchen again. Many families report that they cook more (and healthier) when they come home to a clean kitchen.

For House Cleaning In White River Junction 

Imagine coming home to a clean and fresh smelling environment that is flawless after a long day at work. You don’t have to pick up the shoes or tidy the living room, pull a vacuum around,mop the floors or wipe down the countertops. The bathrooms are free of soap and toothpaste scum in the sink bowl. You can just relax – everything is taken care of!

With professional house cleaning services from Upper Valley Cleaning, you don’t have to imagine anymore. You can enlist our team of licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning professionals to clean your home. We offer flexible scheduling and services to give you exactly what you need. Having a party? Let us prepare the house for guests and/or recover the morning after! If you want to start the week in a calm home, have us come every Monday. 

Upper Valley Cleaning combines the best of both worlds: the professionalism and reputation of a national brand plus the attention, care, and detail of a locally owned community business.