Survive The Winter With These Upper Valley Cleaning Services


Snow, dirt and salt are all part of living in New England during the winter season. For some, it is a cool exciting time of the year playing in the snow. For others, it is more challenging wreaking havoc on your business carpets and floors. Here’s how to survive the winter with these Upper Valley Cleaning Services.

When snow, water, salt, and sand are tracked on people’s feet into your building; your floors can be damaged. However, regular cleaning of the hard surface and carpeted floors can and will extend the life of your floors.

1 Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Maintaining your hard surface floors during the winter season is crucial. The salt, sand, and snow left unchecked can scratch and cause your floors to lose color and even stain. At Upper Valley Cleaning we recommend regular weekly cleanings to keep your floors clean and protected. Regular washing, stripping, and waxing of hard surface floors will ensure your floors are protected.


2 Carpet Cleaning

Carpets like hard surface floors are also prone to damage from the winter elements. Regular vacuuming will decrease the effects of salt and sand and reduce the tracking of these elements further into your building. But, it doesn’t reduce the water intake that seeps deep into the fibers. Make sure you have entryway mats in place and schedule regular carpet cleanings during the winter season. We recommend in very heavy traffic areas to clean and shampoo your carpets once per month. High traffic areas in commercial buildings and restaurants are especially prone to carpet damage.


3 Window Cleaning

Let’s face it; clean windows mean a brighter office and happier employees. Yes, your windows can be cleaned during the winter. Clean windows can help to reduce your heating bill by allowing sunlight into the building. This heating effect is called a passive solar. Salt, sand, and other elements quickly dirty your windows during the winter season.

If you own a storefront, this is even more important. The first impression of your storefront is crucial to your customers. Make sure it is a clean and professional look with our Upper Valley Window Cleaning Services.