The Upper Valley House Cleaning Mistake That’ll Wreck Your Carpet

What is the first thing you do when you see the picture above? This is a tricky stain. Do you go straight for the carpet spray or paper towels and start scrubbing? Do you overspray the carpet with that spray hoping it won’t set in? If you have done any of these things, please STOP NOW! You might just wreck your carpet. Here are some Upper Valley house cleaning tips to help you not wreck your carpet.

According to the experts, atGood House Keeping in the UK, pouring water or any liquid on your carpet stain isn’t the best idea. It’s easy to soak the area with water to prevent the stain from setting in, but oversaturating the spot will potentially cause more damage to the carpet.


The first thing to do when you spill something on your carpet is not to panic. Now that you are calm and ready to tackle the problem, get a roll of paper towels or microfiber cloths and blot the area where you spilled the liquid.

Don’t scrub the carpet fibers; it will only spread the stain!

Be patient and blot carefully to let the liquid soak up the stain from the carpet fibers. You may have to do this several times before the stain will start to disappear.

Now that you have most of the stain gone get some sparkling water or club soda and lightly spray the affected area with that and continue to blot the stain. If your stain has already set in a little bit, get a specialized cleaner and lightly spray the area.


Special note: Test any sprays in an area of the carpet that you can hide easily to test first.

For pet stains, it is good to use white vinegar on the affected area while repeating the same procedure as above. White vinegar works great for removing all kinds of stains and general cleaning around the home.

So next time you spill coffee, red wine or your cat or dog pees on the carpet, reach for the paper towels and your club soda to lift the stain from your carpet.